Advice from the Editors of Health Economics Journals

Monday, June 13, 2016: 7:00 AM
G17 (Claudia Cohen Hall)

Author(s): Michael E. Chernew; John Cawley; Ellen R. Meara; Prof. John Mullahy; Mark Pauly; Leemore Dafny; Frank A. Sloan


This session consists of a roundtable discussion by the editors of major health economics journals: Mike Chernew, Ellen Meara, and John Cawley of the Journal of Health Economics, John Mullahy from Health Economics, Mark Pauly and Leemore Dafny of the International Journal of Health Economics and Management, and Frank Sloan from the American Journal of Health Economics. They will discuss a wide variety of issues relevant to health economists, with a particular focus on the interests of early-career scholars.