Pollution and Child Health

Monday, June 13, 2016: 1:15 PM-2:45 PM
402 (Claudia Cohen Hall)
Chad Meyerhoefer
1:15 PM
Offshoring Health Risks: The Impact of the U.S. Lead Regulation on Infant Health in Mexico

Author(s): Shinsuke Tanaka; Kensuke Teshima

Discussant: Shin-Yi Chou

1:35 PM
Power Plant Emissions and Adult Mortality: Evidence from U.S. Acid Rain Legislation

Author(s): Nicholas Sanders; Alan Barreca; Matthew Neidell

Discussant: Shinsuke Tanaka

1:55 PM
The Heath Implications of Unconventional Natural Gas Development in Pennsylvania

Author(s): Lizhong Peng; Chad Meyerhoefer; Shin-Yi Chou

Discussant: Elaine L Hill