Health Incentives and Behavioral Economics

Monday, June 13, 2016: 1:15 PM-2:45 PM
B26 (Stiteler Hall)
Allison Witman

Despite their intentions, individuals engage less frequently in healthy behaviors than they would like. This session explores the effectiveness of incentives in closing this gap between intentions and actions. The papers cover a wide range of behaviors and outcomes - obesity, healthy eating, and exercise.

1:15 PM
Can the endowment effect be used to increase the power of health incentives?

Author(s): Heather Royer; Mariana Carrera; Mark Stehr; Justin Sydnor

Discussant: Julien Mousques

1:35 PM
A Randomized Trial of Incentives for Maintenance of Weight Loss

Author(s): Kevin G. Volpp

Discussant: Allison Witman

1:55 PM
Bringing Ulysses to Scale: A Tale of Persistence, Spillovers and Customer Loyalty

Author(s): Janet Schwartz

Discussant: Allison Percy