Welcome Mat Effects of Medicaid Expansions

Wednesday, June 15, 2016: 10:15 AM-11:45 AM
G65 (Huntsman Hall)
Jennifer Mellor
10:15 AM
ACA Medicaid Enrollment Among Previously-Eligible Adults: How Powerful Was the Welcome Mat?

Author(s): Angshooman Gooptu; Asako Moriya; Kosali Simon; Benjamin D Sommers

Discussant: Stacey McMorrow

10:35 AM
The Effect of ACA Medicaid Expansions for Adults on Insurance Coverage for Low-Income Children

Author(s): Julie L Hudson; Asako Moriya

Discussant: Sara Markowitz

10:55 AM
Welcome Mat Effects for Dual Medicaid and Medicare Eligibles

Author(s): Jennifer Mellor; Melissa McInerney; Lindsay M Sabik

Discussant: William L Schpero