Economic evaluations of telemedicine and telehealth in various settings

Wednesday, June 15, 2016: 8:30 AM-10:00 AM
401 (Fisher-Bennett Hall)
Byung-Kwang Yoo
8:30 AM
How the selected use of telemedicine in intensive care units affects economic efficiency?

Author(s): Minchul Kim; Tomoko Sasaki; James P Marcin; Byung-Kwang Yoo

Discussant: Jeffrey Hoch

8:50 AM
Economic Evaluation of Socially Assistive Devices among the Institutionalized Elderly with Dementia in the US

Author(s): Byung-Kwang Yoo; Tomoko Sasaki; Shuichi Nishio; Hidenobu Sumioka; Hiroshi Ishiguro

Discussant: Yoko Ibuka, PhD

9:10 AM
Cost benefit analysis of Tele-home-care for community-dwelling elderly in Japan

Author(s): Miki Akiyama; Byung-Kwang Yoo

Discussant: Takuya Hasebe, PhD