Effects of Provider Payment Reform

Tuesday, June 14, 2016: 3:00 PM-4:30 PM
Robertson Hall (Huntsman Hall)
Michael E. Chernew


3:00 PM
Early Impacts of the Comprehensive Primary Care Initiative: Effects on Medicare Fee-For Service Beneficiaries' Cost, Service Use, and Quality of Care

Author(s): Arkadipta Ghosh; Stacy Dale; Deborah Peikes; Timothy Day; Frank Yoon; Aparajita Zutshi; Kristin Geonnotti; Randall Brown


3:20 PM
Performance of Medicare ACOs through 2013

Author(s): J. Michael McWilliams

Discussant: Allison Percy

3:40 PM
Pay for Performance in the US: Did Early Adopting Hospitals Perform Better?

Author(s): Igna Bonfrer; Jose F Figueroa; Jie Zheng; E. John Orav; Ashish K. Jha

Discussant: Engy Ziedan