7th Annual Conference of the American Society of Health Economists

Sunday, June 10, 2018

11:30 AM-1:00 PM

12:00 PM-7:00 PM

1:00 PM-4:30 PM

6:00 PM-7:30 PM

7:30 PM-9:00 PM

Monday, June 11, 2018

8:00 AM-9:30 AM

Fertility Decisions Following Public Health Insurance Expansions
Anuj Gangopadhyaya, Genevieve Kenney, Cuiping Schiman and Stacey McMorrow

Incentives and Physician Interactions with Other Actors in the Healthcare System
Maripier Isabelle, Boriana Miloucheva, Kirsten Cornelson, Ms. Alfia Karimova, Michael Lebenbaum and Jill Furzer

Long-Term Care Regulation, Structure and Markets
Courtney Harold Van Houtven, Edward C Norton and Rachel Werner

New Evidence on the Impact of the ACA on Labor Supply
Martin Salm, Matthew C Harris, Nicolas R Ziebarth and Scott Barkowski

Nutrition Assistance Programs
Andrew Friedson, Sebastian Tello-Trillo, Xiaoxue Li and Chelsea J Crain

Organ Donation, Allocation, and Transplantation
Keith Teltser, Bethany Lemont, Sarah Stith and Taylor Melanson

Physician Productivity and Decision-Making
Hannah Neprash, Alice Chen, Michael R Richards and Dr. Nicole Maestas

Physician and Hospital Consolidation: Impact on Quality, Referrals and EHR Use
Deborah A. Freund, Richard Frank, Laurence Baker and Martin Gaynor

State Health Care Policies and Mental Health Care
Eric Slade, Xu Ji, Mir M. Ali and Karoline Mortensen

Substance Abuse: Rx Drugs, Policy and Special Populations
Dhaval Dave, W. David Bradford, Aaron M Gamino and Kevin Callison

The Affordable Care Act and Well-Being Among the Low-Income Population
Lara Shore-Sheppard, Tara Watson, Sayeh S Nikpay and Sarah Miller

The Affordable Care Act's Marketplace Policies and Selection
Maria A Polyakova, Timothy J Layton and Daniel W Sacks

The Flint Water Crisis
David Slusky, Dr. David Mushinski, Valentina Duque and Ludovica Gazze

The Organization of Nursing Home Market: Impacts on Quality and Costs
Sean S Huang, R. Tamara Konetzka, Richard Hirth and Brian E McGarry

8:00 AM-7:00 PM

10:00 AM-11:30 AM

Case Studies in Non-Communicable Disease Costing and Economic Evaluation
Amanda Honeycutt, Deliana Kostova, Muhammad Jami Husain and Scott D Grosse

Consumer Choices and the Value of Health Insurance: Experimental and Observational Evidence
Maria A Polyakova, Justin Sydnor, Jonathan Kolstad and Vilsa Curto

Field Experiments to Improve Diet and Physical Activity
Dhaval Dave, Mr. Jonathan Cantor and Olga Yakusheva

Incentives and Risk in Medicare Reimbursement
Amanda C Cook, Sungchul Park and Hoda Nouri Khajavi

Opioids and Labor Force Participation, Workplace Injury, and Disability Insurance
Kosali Simon, Tisamarie Sherry, Christopher J Ruhm and Marcus Dillender

Policy Changes and the Health Workforce
Joanne Spetz, Carolina-Nicole Herrera, Ciaran S Phibbs and Kevin N Griffith

Prenatal Care, Low Birth Weight, and Early Childhood Health
Tim A Bersak, Grace H Hwang and Martin H Saavedra

Recent Changes in Utilization of Emergency Services
David Slusky, Samuel Kleiner, Jessica Van Parys and Sarah Miller

Reclassification Risk and Contract Design in Health Care Markets
Sebastian Fleitas, Claudio Lucarelli, Nicholas Tilipman and Jianjing Lin

The Role of Hospitals and Post-Acute Care Providers in Readmission Reduction
Lucy Kim, R. Tamara Konetzka, Edward C Norton and Momotazur Rahman

Treatment and Incidence of Opioid Use Disorder
Eric Barrette, Abby Alpert and Alex Hollingsworth

Understanding Physician Admitting and Referral Patterns
Ian McCarthy, Michael R Richards, Keith Ericson and Kurt Lavetti

11:45 AM-1:15 PM

1:30 PM-3:00 PM

Effects of Expanding Nurses' Scope of Practice
Nathan Petek, Christina DePasquale and Diane Alexander

Effects of the Affordable Care Act on Job Lock and Self-Employment
Meg Blume-Kohout, Daniel Ludwinski, Martin Andersen and Yanling Qi

Evaluation of the Federal 340B Drug Pricing Program
Jeah (Kyoungrae) Jung, Abby Alpert, David E Tawes and Bingxiao Wu

Health Insurance Policy and Household Finance
Nathan Blascak, Andrew Friedson, Prof. Tal Gross and Sarah Miller

Health Insurance, Cost-Sharing, and Patient Behavior
Christopher J Garmon, Alicia Atwood and Rachel G Childers

Institutions and Child Health
George W Davis, Michelle Marcus, Anna Chorniy and Angelica Meinhofer

Medicare Policy and Hospital Readmissions
Kevin Callison, Cameron M Kaplan, Lindsay Allen and Jordan Jones

Narrow Provider Network Outcomes: Effect on Spending and Welfare
Ashley Swanson, Keith Ericson and Kurt Lavetti

Policies Interventions in the Health Insurance Marketplaces
Daniel W Sacks, Timothy J Layton, Erin Trish and Bradley Herring

Regulatory Structure and Quality in Long-Term and Post-Acute Care Settings
Sujoy Chakravarty, John R Bowblis, Christopher Brunt and Ajin Lee

The Effects of Health Insurance Availability and Plan Design on Mental Health and Mental Health Care Use
Marguerite Burns, Ellen R Meara, Benjamin Le Cook and Ezra Golberstein

The Role of Incentives and Expertise in Technology Diffusion and Abandonment
David H Howard, Kyle Myers, Michael R Richards and Aditi P Sen

3:30 PM-5:00 PM

Combating Influenza
David Slusky, Emily Lawler, Ryan Brown and Charles F Stoecker

Coverage Mandates and the Take-up of Health Insurance
Paul D. Jacobs, Sean M Lyons, Alexandra Minicozzi and Jessica Banthin

Emerging Determinants of Maternal and Infant Health
Lindsay Allen, Alison Cuellar, Christine Durrance and Dr. Ji Yan

Experiments on Food Decision Making and Behavior
Tannista Banerjee, Wen You and Gabriel Picone

Impacts of Health Insurance on Prescription Drug Utilization
Aparna Soni, Courtney R. Yarbrough, Sayeh S Nikpay and Dhaval Dave

Innovations in Physician Practice Organization and Financing
Adam Leive, Richard C Lindrooth, Michael T. French and Hannah Neprash

Medicaid Participation Among Low-Income Senior Medicare Enrollees
David C. Grabowski, Tamara Hayford, Corina Mommaerts and Eric T Roberts

Mental Health, Labor Outcomes, and Public Effects
Kathryn L Wagner, Matthew C Harris and Christopher J Cronin

Pollution, Perinatal Health, and Childbirth Outcomes
Shooshan Danagoulian, Daniel Grossman, Elaine L Hill and Nicholas Sanders

Student Research Panel: New Evidence on the Affordable Care Act
Benjamin D Sommers, Bradley Herring and Kosali Simon

5:30 PM-7:00 PM

Benefit Design and Pricing in Medicare Parts C and D
Daria M Pelech, Adam Sacarny, Dr. Austin Frakt and Erin Trish

Developments in Difference-in-Differences and Synthetic Control Methods
Scott Barkowski, Michael Anderson, Jonathan Kolstad and Andrew Goodman-Bacon

Effect of Public Insurance Expansion on Childhood Outcomes
Shooshan Danagoulian, Catherine Maclean and Colleen M Carey

Generic Drugs
Ernst Berndt, Bradley Shapiro and W. David Bradford

Hospital Readmission Reduction Program Incentives and Hospital Behavior
Olga Yakusheva, Jeffrey S McCullough, Morris R Hamilton and Kandice Kapinos

Maternal, Infant, and Childhood Health
Devon Gorry, Briggs DePew, C. Andrew Zuppann and Dr. Ji Yan

Medical Liability Reforms and Physician Behavior
Victoria Udalova, Patricia Born, Lorens Helmchen and Kosali Simon

Narrow Provider Networks: Transparency and Quality
Katherine Hempstead, Anna Sinaiko and Lucas Higuera

Physicians' Response to Financial Incentives
Elena Falcettoni, Atul Gupta, Lawrence Jin and Caitlin Carroll

Public Policy, Business Cycles & Mortality
Jeffrey DeSimone, Susan Averett, Sara Markowitz and Pinka Chatterji

Publicly Financed Health Care Workforce
Michael R Richards, Adnrea E Strahan, Nicolas R Ziebarth and Hannah Neprash

Regulating Cigarettes and E-cigarettes: New Evidence
Michael F. Pesko, Monica Deza, Ashley Bradford and Samantha Harris

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

8:00 AM-9:30 AM

Cognitive Status, Dementia, Health Behaviours and Long-Term Care Utilization
Brenda Gannon, Ian McCarthy, Sally C Stearns and Edward C Norton

Coverage, Access and Employment in Medicaid
Thomas DeLeire, Laura Dague, Marguerite Burns and Ben Solow

Coverage, Demand, and Payment in Dental Markets
Samuel H. Zuvekas, Muzhe Yang, Wenjia Zhu and Joanne Spetz

Information, Agency, and Physician Treatment Decisions
Mariana Carrera, Prof. Mark Votruba, Daniel W Sacks and Christian Waibel

Market Characteristics and Healthcare Delivery
Ity Shurtz, David Silver, Ben Ukert and Amanda Starc

Medicaid and Human Capital
Anuj Gangopadhyaya, Emily Johnston, Andrew Goodman-Bacon and David Simon

Pricing and Reimbursement of Outpatient Drugs
W. David Bradford, Stacie B Dusetzina and Marta Wosinska

Promoting Public Health in Tobacco Markets: Experimental Evidence
John Buckell, Kai-Wen Cheng, Jing Li and Deliana Kostova

The Economics of Injury and Disability
Seth Seabury, Nicolas R Ziebarth and David M Powell

The Effects of City-Level Taxes on Sugar-Sweetened Beverages
David Frisvold, Jason Fletcher and Prof. Mark Stehr

8:00 AM-7:00 PM

10:00 AM-11:30 AM

Combating the Opioid Epidemic: Better Strategies and New Evidence
Kosali Simon, Lucy Xiaolu Wang, Thomas Buchmueller, Dhaval Dave and Rosalie L Pacula

Effects of Medicaid Reforms and Expansions
Thomas DeLeire, William L Schpero and Robert Kaestner

Employment Patterns in the Health Workforce
Christopher Whaley, Joanne Spetz, Norma B. Coe, Ulrike Muench and Richard C Lindrooth

Health Insurance and Labor Market Spillovers
Kevin Feeney, Linna Xu and Paulette Cha

Marijuana Use and Public Policy
Michael T. French, Michael Grossman, Michael F. Pesko and Catherine Maclean

Maternal Impacts on Child Health
Molly Jacobs, Jianfeng Yao and Kabir Dasgupta

Public Policy and Mental Health
Fredric Blavin, Laura Dague and Dr. Kerry Anne McGeary

Research Practices in Health Insurance Evaluation
Andrew Goodman-Bacon, Sarah Miller, Heather M Dahlen and Christopher Ody

Selection and Consumer Choice in the Individual Health Insurance Market
Timothy J Layton, Jacob Wallace, Evan Saltzman and Brian E McGarry

Workplace Wellness
David Molitor, Prof. Mark Stehr, Justin Sydnor and Matthew C Harris

11:45 AM-1:15 PM

1:30 PM-3:00 PM

Determinants and Consequences of Formulary Design in the Medicare Part D Program
Martin Andersen, Matthew Schmitt, Robert Kaestner and David B Ridley

Economics of Continuity of Care
Steve Schwab, Ben Ukert, Dr. David Meltzer and Evan Saltzman

Incentives in Health Care Provider Markets
Michael R Richards, Ian McCarthy, Seth Seabury and Amelia Bond

Innovations in Health Insurance Benefit Design--Narrow Networks and Reference Pricing
Christopher Whaley, Aditi P Sen, Elena Prager and Juan Pablo Atal

Medicaid as a Lever for Public Health Policy
E. Kathleen Adams, Lenisa V Chang, Coady Wing and Victoria Perez

Precision Medicine and the Approval of Targeted Therapeutics
Ariel Dora Stern, Jennifer Kao, David H Howard and Ryan M Conrad

Racial Disparities in Healthcare Outcomes
Seth Freedman, Rebecca Myerson, Niels Skipper and Nicholas Tilipman

Studies of the Medical and Non-Medical Consumption Effects of ACA Coverage Types
Naomi B Zewde, Kosali Simon, Sandra L Decker and Mark Pauly

The Effect of Income and Education on Obesity
David Slusky, Mr. Jonathan Cantor and Daniel Grossman

3:30 PM-5:00 PM

Determinants of the Quality of Long Term Care Services
Joanne Spetz, Peter J Huckfeldt, Norma B. Coe and Lauren Hersch Nicholas

Improving the Quality of Health Insurance Choices
Rebecca Myerson, Anna Sinaiko, Justin Sydnor and Anya Samek

Information, Policy and Physician Behavior
Bingxiao Wu, David H Howard, Jeah (Kyoungrae) Jung and Nicolas R Ziebarth

Innovations in Tobacco Control
Justin S. White, Fatma Romeh M. Ali and Abigail S Friedman

Medicare Advantage: Access Costs and Quality
Michael E. Chernew and Dr. Steven D Pizer

Plan Design in the Employer-Sponsored Insurance Market
Jessica Vistnes, Kate Bundorf, Bowen Garrett and Dan M Shane

Prescription Industry Promotion and the Opioid Market
Kosali Simon, Don Kenkel and Alex Hollingsworth

Recent Policy Changes and Dual Enrollees
Melissa McInerney, Hannah Neprash, Jennifer Mellor and Laura Keohane

5:15 PM-7:00 PM

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

8:00 AM-9:30 AM

Broader Effects of Medicaid Expansions on Health and Access to Care
Adam S Wilk, Shooshan Danagoulian, Genevieve Kenney and Srimoyee Bose

Consumers' Choices of Health Care Providers
Kate Bundorf, Yiwei Chen, Christopher Whaley and Michael E. Chernew

Effects of Mandates, Formularies and Copays in Medicaid and Medicare
Prof. Robert D Lieberthal, Christine Eibner and Ashley Swanson

Incentives for Biopharmaceutical Innovation
Frederic Selck, Richard Manning, Rena Conti and Philippe Gorry

Market Forces and Public Healthcare: Lessons from the VA
Dr. Steven D Pizer, Dr. Christine Yee, Richard Nelson and Edwin S Wong

Paid Sick Leave in the US
Nicolas R Ziebarth, Seth Seabury, Scott Barkowski and Michael F. Pesko

Quality of Long-Term Care
Ling Li, Sean S Huang, John R Bowblis and Momotazur Rahman

8:00 AM-12:00 PM

10:00 AM-11:30 AM

Association Between Opioid Prescribing and Opioid Abuse and Mortality
W. David Bradford, Brady P Horn, Joseph Sabia and Chad Cotti

Competition and Information in the Pharmaceutical Market
David B Ridley, Rena Conti and Courtney R. Yarbrough

Costs and Treatment in Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia
David C. Grabowski, Brian E McGarry and Bianca K. Frogner

Demand for Insurance in Subsidized Marketplaces
Michael J Dickstein, Martin B Hackmann, Amanda Starc and Pietro Tebaldi

Health and Health Insurance in Social Security Disability Insurance
Colleen M Carey, Puneet K Chehal and Sarah Miller

Lessons from State Medicaid Expansions
Seth Freedman, Kosali Simon, James Marton and Thomas Buchmueller

Medicaid: Payers, Providers, and Patients
Hannah Neprash, Andrew Goodman-Bacon, Diane Alexander and Sebastian Tello-Trillo

Peer Effects in Health
John Cawley, Olga Yakusheva, Kandice Kapinos and Justin G. Trogdon

The Impact of Health Policy on Marriage, Fertility and Healthcare Cost
Tianxu Chen, Jennifer Trudeau, Haizhen Lin and Dr. Zhuo Chen

Theoretical and Empirical Advances in (Ir)rational Health Behaviors
Jing Li, Justin S. White, Matthew C Harris and Don Kenkel

12:00 PM-1:30 PM

Competition in Long-Term Care
R. Tamara Konetzka

Consumers' Responses to Physician Ratings
Anna Sinaiko and Michael E. Chernew

Managed Care under Incomplete Contracting
Timothy J Layton, Kate Bundorf, Mark Shepard and Karoline Mortensen

Policies and Environmental Factors Shaping the Opioid Epidemic
Kosali Simon, Nathan Tefft, Sarah Stith and Joanne Spetz

Predictive Analytics for Improved Value and Hospital Readmission Reduction
Dan Zeltzer, Leila Agha, David Slusky and Ity Shurtz

Public Insurance Reform and Outcomes for the Chronically Ill
Adam S Wilk, Yajuan Li, Eric T Roberts and Stacie B. Dusetzina

Public Policy and Pharmaceutical Innovation
Kathleen L. Miller, Bradley Shapiro, Ashley Swanson and Meg Blume-Kohout

Site of Care, Comparative Advantage, and Patient Outcomes
David Chan, Kurt Lavetti, Diane Alexander and Maria A Polyakova

The Economics of Medicaid Managed Care
Jacob Wallace, Sarah Miller, Zarek C Brot-Goldberg and Peter Hull