Treatment Effects & Heterogeneity

Tuesday, June 25, 2019: 10:00 AM-11:30 AM
Madison A (Marriott Wardman Park Hotel)
Dr. Steven D. Pizer
10:00 AM
Practical Considerations for Estimating Treatment Effects with Machine Learning

Author(s): Kenneth John McConnell; Stephan Lindner

Discussant: Eric Roberts

10:30 AM
Vector-Based Kernel Weighting: A Simple Estimator for Improving Precision and Bias of Average Treatment Effects in Multiple Treatment Settings

Author(s): Jessica Lum; Dr. Steven D. Pizer; Austin Frakt; Melissa Garrido

Discussant: Partha Deb

11:00 AM
A Sequence of Two Studies to Learn & Test Heterogeneous Treatment Sub-groups: Effects of Cost Exposure on Use of Outpatient Care

Author(s): Rahul Ladhania; Amelia M Haviland; Neeraj Sood; Ateev Mehrotra

Discussant: Jeffrey S. McCullough