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Subject: 2020 ASHEcon Conference Session
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Dear Dajung,

I hope this finds you well.  As stated previously, unfortunately we’re not able to include all of the sessions scheduled for the in-person conference in the online conference. However, if session participants would still like to convene their session virtually and record it, ASHEcon will post the link to recorded sessions on the ASHEcon website. This can provide a way to individuals to still derive benefit from their session, and to get some exposure and feedback for their work.

If you’re interested, poll the participants in your session. If all participants are interested, then hold your session virtually, record the session, and post the link to the recording in the ASHEcon Speaker’s Center. It will then be posted to our online program where we’ll help to promote the session recording.  You may also upload your PowerPoint and Poster presentations.

Steps for uploading your recorded session presentation

  1. Record your session
  2. Session Chair logs into Speaker’s Center and pastes recording link in the “Virtual Presentation Link” Module

Steps for uploading your paper or poster

  1. Create a final version of your paper or poster
  2. Log into Speaker’s Center and upload your paper or poster in the “Upload Full Paper” or “Upload Poster” Module

Click Here to Access Speaker Center

If you wish to record your session, please do so no later than Friday, June 12, 2020. ASHEcon will be promoting recorded sessions throughout the summer via social media.

If you have any questions, please email


Martin Gaynor