Benefits and Costs of Vertical Integration

Tuesday, June 14, 2016: 3:00 PM-4:30 PM
B21 (Stiteler Hall)
David H. Howard

Regulators are struggling with how to approach hospitals’ and health systems’ acquisition of physician groups and vertical integration in health care more generally. While CMS promotes integration via the Accountable Care Organization contracting mechanism, antitrust authorities promise to scrutinize mergers that raise the risk of anticompetitive behavior. While horizontal integration in health care has been well-studied, we know less about the impact of vertical integration on prices and even less about much-hyped but speculative efficiency effects. This session includes papers that assess the impact of integration between physicians and hospitals and health systems on health care spending and value.

3:00 PM
Determinants of Success in Shared Savings Programs: An Analysis of ACO and Market Characteristics

Author(s): Marietou Ouayogode; Carrie H Colla; Valerie Lewis

Discussant: Mary C. Schroeder

3:20 PM
Physician Practice Setting and the Use of a Low Value Treatment

Author(s): David H. Howard

Discussant: Peter J. Huckfeldt

3:40 PM
Hospital Cost and Quality Trends before and after ACO Adoption

Author(s): Eli Cutler; Rachel Henke; William Marder; Zeynal Karaca; Herbert S. Wong

Discussant: Jared L. Maeda