Innovations in Tobacco Control

Tuesday, June 12, 2018: 3:30 PM-5:00 PM
1055 - First Floor (Rollins School of Public Health)
Justin S. White
3:30 PM
Tobacco-21 Laws: Impacts on Late Adolescent Smoking

Author(s): Abigail S. Friedman

Discussant: Fatma Romeh M. Ali

3:50 PM
The Impact of the CVS Removal of Tobacco Products on Cigarette Consumption and Smoking Cessation

Author(s): Fatma Romeh M. Ali; Linda Neff; Xu Wang; S. Sean Hu; Anna Schecter; Maggie Mahoney; Paul Melstrom

Discussant: Justin S. White

4:10 PM
A Preference for the Similar: Evidence from Peer Mentoring for Smoking Cessation

Author(s): Justin S. White; Séverine Toussaert

Discussant: Abigail S. Friedman