The Effects of Incentive Design on Consumers' Treatment Decisions

Wednesday, June 13, 2018: 12:00 PM-1:30 PM
Salon IV - Garden Level (Emory Conference Center Hotel)
Justin S. White
12:00 PM
Does the Framing of Patient Cost-sharing Incentives Matter? The Effects of Deductibles vs. No-claim Refunds

Author(s): Martin Salm; Tobias J. Klein; Arthur Hayen

Discussant: Aditi P. Sen

12:20 PM
The Effects of Financial Incentives on Intrinsic Motivation for Health Behaviors

Author(s): Aditi P. Sen; Debra Gilbert; David Asch; Jingsan Zhu; George Loewenstein; Jeffrey T. Kullgren; Kevin G. Volpp

Discussant: Justin S. White

12:40 PM
Incentive-Based Interventions for Smoking Cessation: Findings from the SMILE Trial

Author(s): Justin S. White; Chris Lowenstein; Nucharee Srivirojana; Aree Jampaklay; William H. Dow

Discussant: Martin Salm