Infant Health

Wednesday, June 13, 2018: 10:00 AM-11:30 AM
Claudia Nance Rollins 1034 (Rollins School of Public Health)
10:00 AM
Transition Home Plus Program Reduces Medicaid Spending and Health Care Utilization for High-Risk Infants

Author(s): Yiyan Liu; Elisabeth C McGowan; Richard Tucker; LaShawn Glasgow; Marianne N Kluckman; Betty R Vohr

10:20 AM
Impacts of Group Prenatal Care on Birth Outcomes: Evidence from South Carolina's CenteringPregnancy Expansion

Author(s): Jessica C. Smith; Emily C Heberlein; Carla Willis; Amy Crockett; Sarah Covington-Kolb

10:40 AM
Hospital Market Competition and Infant Mortality

Author(s): Ciaran S Phibbs; Dr. Jeannette Rogowski; Douglas O Staiger; Jeffrey D Hobar; Erika M Edwards; Jochen Profit; Scott A Lorch