Origins of SES gradients in rich countries

Monday, June 24, 2019: 3:15 PM-4:45 PM
Truman - Mezzanine Level (Marriott Wardman Park Hotel)
Nathan Tefft
3:15 PM
College Access and Adult Health

Author(s): Benjamin Cowan; Nathan Tefft

Discussant: Dean Lillard

3:45 PM
Intergenerational Health Mobility: Evidence from Danish Registers

Author(s): Carsten Berthram Andersen

Discussant: Karoline Mortensen

4:15 PM
The Roots of Health Inequality and the Value of Intra-Family Expertise

Author(s): Yiqun Chen; Petra Persson; Maria A. Polyakova

Discussant: Marion Aouad