Tuesday, June 14, 2016: 12:00 PM-1:00 PM
Lobby (Annenberg Center)

Poster session.

Contraceptive Choice after the Affordable Care Act

Author(s): Caroline S Carlin; Angela Fertig; Bryan Dowd

Indirect Costs of Hospitalizations for Acute Pediatric Care

Author(s): Lenisa V. Chang; Andrew Beck; Hadley Sauers-Ford; Jeffrey Simmons; Samir S Shah

Using Predicted Therapy Visits in the Medicare Home Health Prospective Payment System

Author(s): Betty Fout; Dr. Michael Plotzke; T.J. Christian

Financial Status of Low Skilled, Low Wage Workers in Health Care

Author(s): Bianca K. Frogner; Bert Stover; Susan Skillman

Understanding and Estimating Fraudulent Activities in Healthcare

Author(s): Mr. Robert D Lieberthal; Jing Ai; Patrick Brockett

Is elevated hospital mortality at weekends a selection issue?

Author(s): Rachel Meacock; Laura Anselmi; Soeren R Kristensen; Timothy Doran; Matt Sutton

The Economics of Care Regionalization

Author(s): Guy David; Michael T. Mullen; William Pajerowski; Lindsey Patterson; Aaron Smith-McLallen

External Determinants of Veterans' VA Healthcare Utilization

Author(s): Amresh D. Hanchate; Austin Frakt; Nancy R Kressin; Kelly Stolzmann; Hassen Abdulkerim; Amal Trivedi; David Mohr; Amy Linsky; Dr. Steven D Pizer

The Impact of ACA Medicaid Expansion on Health Behaviors

Author(s): Aparna Soni; Kosali Simon; John Cawley