Poster Reception

Tuesday, June 12, 2018: 5:15 PM-7:00 PM
Lullwater Ballroom - Garden Level (Emory Conference Center Hotel)
Marketplace Competition and Insurers’ Behavior under the Affordable Care Act

Author(s): Yuxian Du; Michael A. Morrisey; Robert Ohsfeldt

Mergers and the Transference of Corporate Strategy: The Case of the Dialysis Industry

Author(s): Benjamin Heebsh; James W. Roberts; Paul Eliason; Ryan McDevitt

Offering Vouchers to Low-Income Minority Populations Increases Follow-up for Free Glaucoma Services

Author(s): Seema Kacker; Mario Macis; Prateek Gajwani; Natasha Kanwar; Di Zhao; Eliseo Guallar; David Friedman

The Impact of Connecticut’s Paid Sick Leave Law on Preventive Services

Author(s): Chanup Jeung; Kyung Min Lee; Gilbert Gimm

Allocation of Influenza Vaccines During a Pandemic

Author(s): Cristina Da Silva Carias; Bradford Greening; Bishawa B. Adhikari; Gabriel Rainisch; Danielle Moulia; Martin I. Meltzer; Samuel Graitcer

High-Dose versus Standard-Dose Influenza Vaccination among Veterans Health Administration Patients: An Instrumental Variable Analysis

Author(s): Yinong Young-Xu; Julia Thornton Snider; Salaheddin M. Mahmud; Edward W. Thommes; Jason K.H. Lee; Ayman Chit

Cost-effectiveness of Scaling Up HCV Treatment, Medication-Assisted Treatment, and Syringe Service Programs for People Who Inject Drugs in San Francisco and Rural Kentucky

Author(s): Carolina Barbosa; Hannah Fraser; Thomas J. Hoerger; Alyssa Leib; Jennifer Havens; Alex Kral; Susan Hariri; Peter Vickerman; Claudia Vellozzi

Cost-Effectiveness of Hepatitis C Screening Strategies in the Presence of New Direct Acting Anti-Viral Therapies

Author(s): Andrea L. Lorden; Kaitlin M. McGrew; Mary Williams; Douglas Drevets; David Durham; Hélène Carabin

Do Preoperative Consultations Improve Postoperative Clinical Outcomes and for Which Patients?

Author(s): Alex L. Woersching; Edward M. Weaver; Stephan R. Thilen

Effects of Copays on Non-Urgent ED Use in a Medicaid Population

Author(s): Elizabeth Q. Cliff; Richard Hirth; Jeffrey T. Kullgren; A. Mark Fendrick

The Impact of the Affordable Care Act Medicaid Expansions on Applications for Federal Disability Benefits

Author(s): Priyanka Anand; Jody Schimmel; Margaret S. Colby; Lauren Hula; Paul O'Leary

Impact of Academic Detailing on Opioid Overdose Risk in the U.S. Veterans Health Administration

Author(s): Mark Bounthavong; Michael A. Harvey; Melissa L.D. Christopher; Anirban Basu; David L. Veenstra; Emily Beth Devine

The Impact of ACA Medicaid Expansions on the Employment of Adults with Disabilities

Author(s): Purvi Sevak; Jody Schimmel; Reagan Baughman

Health Insurance for Young Adults: Health Capital and Aging Out

Author(s): Teresa B. Gibson; Zeynal Karaca; Michael Dworsky; Eli Cutler; Gary Pickens; Brian J. Moore; Richele Benevent; Herbert S. Wong

Medicaid Expansion After the ACA: Intensity of Treatment and Billing in Emergency Department

Author(s): Shooshan Danagoulian; Alexander Janke; Phillip Levy

Reconciling Medical Expenditure Estimates from the MEPS and the NHEA, 2012

Author(s): Didem M. Bernard; Cathy Cowan; Thomas Selden; David Lassman; Steven Heffler

The Impact of Mercy Health Center on Healthcare Utilization and Costs

Author(s): Rebecca Walcott; Justin B. Ingels; Phaedra Corso

Examining Predictive Modeling Based Approaches to Characterizing Healthcare Fraud

Author(s): Robert D. Lieberthal; Jing Ai; Skyla D. Smith; Rachel L. Wojciechowski

Physician-Hospital Integration and Efficiency of Accountable Care Organizations

Author(s): Meng-Yun Lin; Amresh D. Hanchate; Austin Frakt; Kathleen Carey

Containing or Shifting? Decomposing Health Expenditures for the Dutch Ageing Population after a Major Reform

Author(s): Y.J.F.M. Krabbe-Alkemade; Peter Makai; Victoria Shestalova; Tessa Voesenek

Inequality in Health Insurance Coverage Before and After the Affordable Care Act

Author(s): Francesco Renna; Vasilios D. Kosteas; Dinkar Renna

The Impacts of the Food Stamp Program on Mortality

Author(s): Jordan Jones; Charles Courtemanche; James Marton

The Labor Market Effects of Medicare Part D

Author(s): Abraham Asfaw; Kevin Callison

Cost Analysis of a Community Health Worker Program

Author(s): Jessica A. Williams; Tami Gurley-Calvez

Does Free Lunch Work? Evidence from Elementary School Lunch Program in Taiwan

Author(s): Chia-Lun Liu; Shin-Yi Chou; Jin-Tan Liu

Parental Investments in Response to Early Life Health

Author(s): Rakesh Banerjee; Farhan Majid

Examining the Size of the Justification Bias in the Effect of Health on Retirement Behavior

Author(s): Dorethe Skovgaard Bjerre; Bent Jesper Christensen; Mrs. Malene Kallestrup Lamb

Efficient Inefficiency in the Hospital Sector?

Author(s): Matthew Kahn; Jaehong Kim; John Romley

Health, Longevity, and Welfare Inequality of the Elderly

Author(s): Ray Miller; Neha Bairoliya

The Quality of End-of-Life Care in Medicare versus the VA

Author(s): Risha Gidwani-Marszowski; Jack Needleman; Vincent Mor; Katherine Faricy-Anderson; Derek Boothroyd; Gary Hsin; Todd Wagner; Karl Lorenz; Manali Patel; Vilija Joyce; Samantha Murrell; Kavitha Ramchandran; Steven Asch

Late-life Disability, Homeownership, Wealth and Mortality

Author(s): Patryk Babiarz; Tansel Yilmazer

Childhood health shocks and parental labor supply

Author(s): Niels Skipper; Tine Louise Mundbjerg Eriksen; Amanda Gaulke; Jannet Svensson

Economic Evaluation of the Integration of Immunization and Birth Registration Services Using Community-Based Volunteers in Zambia

Author(s): Nelly Mejia; Apophia Namageyo-Funa; Maggy Kwendakwape; Sarah Pallas; Adam Macneil; Idongesit Essiet-Gibson; Lisuba Kabanda; Francis Dien Mwansa; Angel Mwiche; Martin Nyahoda; Caroline Phiri-Chibawe

The Effect of ACA Medicaid Expansion on Suicide

Author(s): Rachel G. Childers

A Test of Supply-side Explanations of Geographic Variation In Healthcare Use

Author(s): Kevin Callison; Robert Kaestner; Jason M. Ward

Do Incentives for Primary Care Physicians to Manage Chronic Disease Patients Work? Evidence from Rural China

Author(s): Yiwei Chen; Hui Ding; Min Yu; Jieming Zhong; Ruying Hu; Haibin Wu; Xiangyu Chen; Chunmei Wang; Kaixu Xie; Karen Eggleston

Variation in Medical Prices and Outcomes of Injured Workers

Author(s): Bogdan Savych; Olesya Fomenko

Prescription Opioid Misuse and Labor Supply: Does the Level of Misuse Matter?

Author(s): Pierre Alexandre; Valeria Paz; Patrick Richard

The Initial Opioid Prescription and Subsequent Use

Author(s): Wenjia Zhu; Michael E. Chernew; Nicole Maestas

Using the Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project for State Health Policy Research

Author(s): Michel H. Boudreaux; Anuj Gangopadhyaya; Sharon K. Long; Zeynal Karaca

The Impact of Abuse-Deterrent Formulation of Extended-Release OxyContin on Non-Medical Use of Prescription Pain Relievers and Heroin Use

Author(s): Mir Ali; Lukas Glos; William Dowd; Carolyn Wolff; Angelica Meinhofer; Ryan Mutter; Matthew Rosenberg; Laura J. Sherman; Andreas Schick; Chandler McClellan

Estimating the Long-run Relationship of State Cigarette Taxes and Life Expectancy

Author(s): Aaron Baum; Sandra Aguilar-Gomez; Sanjay Basu

Methods for Estimating Long-term Drinking Trajectories for Individuals with Lifetime Alcohol Use Disorder

Author(s): Carolina Barbosa; William Dowd; Gary Zarkin; Arnie Aldridge; Christine Timko

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