Poster Reception

Tuesday, June 25, 2019: 5:15 PM-7:00 PM
Exhibit Hall C (Marriott Wardman Park Hotel)
Marijuana Access and Adult Use

Author(s): Christopher Ambrose; Benjamin Cowan; Robert Rosenman

The Effect of Public Health Insurance on Criminal Recidivism

Author(s): Erkmen Aslim; Han Yu; Carlos Navarro

Mergers and Product Quality

Author(s): Dr. David Balan

Factors Affecting Opioid Use among Patients with Chronic Pain: Patient Attitudes vs Market Conditions

Author(s): Didem M. Bernard; Bill Encinosa; Joel W. Cohen; Zhengyi Fang, M.S.

Job Loss and Health

Author(s): Moiz Bhai

The Long-Term Effects of Childhood Exposure to the Earned Income Tax Credit on Health Outcomes

Author(s): Fredric Blavin; Breno Braga; Anuj Gangopadhyaya; Jason A. Gates

Assessment of access to firearms in patients reporting suicidal ideation and risk of subsequent suicide attempts

Author(s): Jennifer M Boggs; Arne Beck; Debra P Ritzwoller; Heather D Anderson; Catherine Battaglia; Richard C. Lindrooth

Measuring Long-Term Healthcare Spending Attributable to Adult Obesity

Author(s): Debra Gayle Bozzi; Lauren Hersch Nicholas

Does Health Care Protect Regions from Economic Downturns?

Author(s): Nathaniel Breg; Martin Gaynor; Brian Kovak

Mobile Money and Healthcare Usage: Evidence from East Africa

Author(s): Benjamin Cowan; Haseeb Ahmed

Can Your House Keep You Out Of a Nursing Home?

Author(s): Maaike Diepstraten; Rudy Douven; Bram Wouterse

How the Switch from ICD9 to ICD10 Potentially Affects Risk Adjustment Models for the Privately Insured

Author(s): Randall P Ellis; Bruno Martins; Chenlu Song; Heather Hsu; Jeffrey J Siracuse; Tzu-Chun Kuo; Ying Liu; Arlene S. Ash

Insurance Patterns and Instability from 2006 to 2016

Author(s): Prof. Yunwei Gai; Kent Jones

Filling the Primary Care Shortage Gap: Who Provides the Care?

Author(s): Irina Grafova; Pamela DeCordova; Rizie Kumar; Emily Johansen

Changes in Coverage, Access to Care, and Disparities in 2017

Author(s): Kevin N. Griffith; Benjamin Sommers; David K Jones

Side Effects May Include Poor Parenting

Author(s): Matthew C. Harris; Lawrence Kessler; Mary Evans

Access to Advanced Medical Imaging Procedures in Rural and Critical Access Hospitals

Author(s): Danny R. Hughes; Laura Chaves; Tarek Hanna

The Highs and Lows of Medical Marijuana Legalization

Author(s): Siobhan Innes-Gawn; Sanjukta Basu; Mary Penn

Economic Estimates of Family Caregiving Value

Author(s): Kandice Kapinos; Shira Fischer; Orla Hayden

Effect of State Mandatory Review of Prescription Drug Monitoring Program and Pain Clinic Laws in Kentucky on Outcomes among Reproductive-Age Women

Author(s): Xu Ji; Sarah Haight; Jean Ko; Shanna Cox; Wanda D Barfield; Kun Zhang; Gery Guy; Dr. Rui Li

New Jersey’s Paid Family Leave Policy: Effect on Breastfeeding Practices among Postpartum Women

Author(s): Dr. Rui Li; Shanna Cox; Katherine Kortsmit; Xu Ji; Holly Shulman; Wanda D Barfield; Lee Warner

Hanging by a Thin Margin: Fiscal Impacts of Medicaid Expansion on Community Health Centers

Author(s): Qian Luo; Avi Dor; Anne Markus; Ali Moghtaderi

Health Systems and Efficient Matching of Patients to Hospitals

Author(s): Nancy Beaulieu; David Cutler; Peter Lyu

Can Medicare Save Money by Covering Hearing Aids?

Author(s): Elham Mahmoudi; Tanima Basu; Neil Kamdar

Medical Marijuana Laws Are Associated with Increases in Substance Use Treatment Admissions By Pregnant Women

Author(s): Angélica Meinhofer; Allison Witman; Sean M Murphy; Yuhua Bao

The Impact of Medicaid Expansion on Living Donor Kidney Transplantation in the U.S

Author(s): Taylor Melanson; Stephen Pastan; Rachel Patzer

The Effect of ACA Medicaid Expansion on Hospital Revenue

Author(s): Ali Moghtaderi; Bernard Black; Jesse Pines; Mark Moghtaderi

Overview of Master Individual Provider Crosswalk

Author(s): Timea Viragh; Bernard Black; Ali Moghtaderi

Primary Care Centrality in Robust Specialist Networks Results in Lower Emergency Department Utilization: A Network Analysis of Physician Networks in Texas Medicaid

Author(s): Miranda Moore; Zhaowei She; Anne Gaglioti; Peter Baltrus; Chaohua Li; Arthi Rao; Lilly Immergluck; Turgay Ayer

Voluntary Pooling of Genetic Risk: A Health Insurance Experiment

Author(s): Janina Nemitz; Christian Waibel; Wanda Mimra

Impacts of Expansion of Public Health Insurance on Drug Marketing

Author(s): W. David Bradford; Rena Conti; Thuy D. Nguyen; Kosali Simon

Health Shocks, Health Insurance, Household Welfare & Informal Coping Mechanisms: Evidence from Nigeria

Author(s): Adeyemi Okunogbe; Berber Kramer; Menno Pradhan; Wendy Janssens

Dynamics of Health Care Expenditures and Income

Author(s): Alexander Overdal Kjærsgaard Marin

Incremental Medical Costs Of Asthma Among US Workers

Author(s): Regina Pana-Cryan; Anasua Bhattacharya

Effects of Employer-Offered HDHPs on Low-Value Spending in the Privately Insured Population

Author(s): Brendan Rabideau; Matthew D. Eisenberg; Rachel Reid; Neeraj Sood

Causal Impact of Medicaid on Poverty: The Importance of Poverty Measures

Author(s): Naomi B. Zewde; Rosemary Hyson; Dahlia Remler; Sanders Korenman

Free Care, Health Insurance Reforms, and Health-Inclusive Poverty in New York

Author(s): Sanders Korenman; Dahlia Remler; Rosemary Hyson

Voluntary Bundled Payment for Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery: Do Effects for Joint Replacement Extend to Other Surgical Conditions

Author(s): Joshua Rolnick; Joshua Liao; Xinshuo Ma; Eric Shan; Jingsan Zhu; Erkuan Wang; Qian Huang; Amol Navathe

Risk Prediction of Long-term Outcomes and Utilization After Percutaneous Coronary Intervention

Author(s): Samuel Savitz; Sue Hee Sung; Thomas Leong; Matthew Solomon; Alan Go

Decomposing Volume’s Impact on Performance: Lessons from Kidney Transplantation

Author(s): Philip A. Saynisch; Robert Huckman; Nikolaos Trichakis

Do High Deductibles Reduce the Use of ‘Free’ Preventive Services Under the Affordable Care Act?

Author(s): Paul Shafer; Stacie Dusetzina; Lindsay M. Sabik; Timothy Platts-Mills; Sally C. Stearns; Justin G. Trogdon

Why Did Medicare Advantage Enrollment Grow as Payment Fell?

Author(s): Laura L. Skopec; Stephen Zuckerman; Joshua Aarons; Eva Allen

Comparison Group Identification Process for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Financial Alignment Initiative

Author(s): Yiyan Liu; Kevin Smith; Melissa Morley; Wayne Anderson; Edith Walsh; Timothy Waidmann; Kyle J. Caswell; Namrata Uberoi

Model Homes: Comparing Approaches to PCMH Implementation

Author(s): Philip A. Saynisch; Guy David; Ben Ukert; Abiy Agiro; Tyler Oberlander

Monitoring Institutions in Health Care Markets: Experimental Evidence

Author(s): Silvia Angerer; Daniela Glätzle-Rützler; Christian Waibel

Effect of Hospital-Physician Integration on Physician Compensation

Author(s): Christopher Whaley; Daniel Arnold; Anupam Jena

Diversity & Productivity: Evidence from Florida Hospitals

Author(s): Lindsey Woodworth; Daniel Jones

Health Care Utilization at Retirement: Evidence from Urban China

Author(s): Qin Zhou; Karen Eggleston; Gordon G. Liu

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